The Faith Factor at Work

A number of years ago I watched a television series on NBC called Fear Factor.  The objective of the show is to pit contestants against each other in a variety of stunts for a grand prize of $50,000.  As you can imagine, many people were motivated to get into the competition and try their hand at winning the jackpot.  For any competitive person this opportunity might sound like an exciting way to spend an evening.  But, there was a catch.  The “stunts” were created by professionals and often times extremely dangerous.

The typical format was to have the first stunt test the physical abilities of participants.  For example, jumping from one building to another, or hanging from a helicopter collecting flags.  This was intense.  The second stunt was a mental challenge that pressed the boundaries of common sense and in my opinion, safety.  I remember one episode where a contestant climbed into a box and was covered in non-venomous snakes.  That’s right; covered in snakes.  They had to remain in the box for a period of time before they were allowed to exit.  Finally, those who were still in the competition (I would have dropped at snakes) had to participate in some type of extreme stunt you might find in an action movie.  It usually involved high risk speed, mind-bending heights, or some other type of over-the-top challenge to test the resolve of every competitor.  If, and only if you survived would you be crowned as the winner.  It is one of the most extreme collection of challenges a person could ever be part of.  However, I bet if I asked you about sharing your Christian faith at work you might consider being a competitor in Fear Factor as being less intimidating.  For some reason when the topic of faith at work is brought up many people feel a deep sense of fear and uncertainty.  Why is the topic such a scary one?

I believe it starts with the fact Christians don’t think they know how to do it.  Add to that the pressure in many workplaces to leave your faith at church on Sunday and you have the perfect combination of fear and resistance.  Yet, I think more than ever our work places and the people around us desperately need to bring their entire self, including their faith, to work in a way that honors the God who created us and encourages the people in our circle of influence.  It’s a great win-win opportunity.  It’s also an opportunity that if pursued incorrectly can shame the God you serve and frustrate or even anger the people around you.  So, is there a best way?

My suggestion is to first consider how you can SHOW your Christian faith before you ever consider SHARING it.  This means living your life in a way that reflects the outstanding characteristics of Jesus.  Characteristics such as honesty, love, compassion and a willingness to serve others while expecting nothing in return.  If Christians are willing to consider how they can first reflect Jesus, there will be plenty of opportunities to talk about Him.  Each of us can move from fear to fearless by starting with aligning our own lives with the life of Jesus.  It really is a better way!

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